Case report

A typical presentation of giant cell tumour (GCT) of bone in the distal humerus of a child.


  • M Tomlinson
  • GJ Kubicek
  • N Ferreira
  • LC Marais


giant cell tumour of bone, skeletally immature, distal humerus


INTRODUCTION: Giant cell tumour of bone is a rare entity in children and seldom involves the distal humerus, even in adult patients. We present a case of giant cell tumour in the distal humerus of a child 

CASE REPORT: A 12-year-old boy presented to our tertiary level tumour unit with progressive pain in his left elbow and was radiologically and histologically found to have a giant cell tumour of his left distal humerus. He was treated with extended curettage, cryotherapy and PMMA cement with the addition of a supportive postero-medial locking plate. There was no recurrence noted at one-year follow-up 

DISCUSSION: The literature is reviewed to determine the epidemiology of this tumour, the histological and radiological findings unique to the lesion and the current best practice of treatment 

CONCLUSION: A rare case of giant cell tumour in the distal humerus of a child is presented. Giant cell tumour of bone should be considered in the differential diagnosis of a lytic metaphyseal lesion if the growth plates are open







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